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Vortex MultiColour


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Vortex MultiColour
  • By: rauser
  • Category: Joomla
  • Rating: 1.33 from 3 votes
  • Size: 217609 bytes
  • Downloads: 3757
  • Date: 2010-02-09

Play live with our MOST ADVANCED free Joomla template so far: Joomla Vortex! Do you need more space to breathe out your valuable thoughts and reflections? Would like to be able to change the colours of your design theme whenever your daily moods or soul intentions say so? Now this is Joomla Vortex, with more flexible design - spacious middle area, content-filled footer and interactive top section, it will always move with you and your emotions. What are the ADVANTAGES of Joomla Vortex template? I. Multi-Color Support. Anytime you can choose from FIVE colours: Red (default), Blue, Green, Brown & Black. II. Advanced Functionality. More modules are supported now. Additional grey footer area was added. The grey area is divided to two pre-defined sections - USER 1 and USER 2 (those are contained by default in the Joomla script). These sections you can use to post Latest News, Archive, Polls, etc. III. More Advanced Functionality. Template's default TOP area, containing (by default) the Newsflash1 module can be replaced with custom module. The module is located at the top of the banner, the font is white colour. Theme Features Tested with Joomla 1.5.3 Width: 989px Columns: 2 Parameters: yes Price: FREE Colours: Red (default), Blue, Green, Brown & Black Colour change instructions: Being our best template for Joomla 1.5 so far, Joomla Vortex supports five colours: Red, Green, Black, Brown & Blue. If you want your Joomla website to be fresh, you can change the colour scheme very simple by following these instructions: 1. Ensure first that the params.ini file has permissions for writing on the server. 2. To enable 1 through FTP, you must click on the remote file with the right mouse button and select Set Permissions or Change Attributes from the context menu and specify the corresponding write permissions. Note: For the majority of servers 0775 would be OK, but some servers also require 0777. 3. Go to Extensions-Template Manager in the Joomla Administration panel and click on the template and change the Color Variation from the select box in the Parameters section.
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