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Blue Shine Blue Shine by XOOPS
x2t x2t by Unknown XOOPS
Blue Bump Blue Bump by Unknown PHPNuke
steel Dawn steel Dawn by Unknown PHPNuke
Xtreme Xtreme by Unknown PHPNuke
Aquation Aquation by NukeDiva PHPNuke
The Xtreme The Xtreme by Unknown PHPNuke
Just Footy Just Footy by Jakob_Persson phpBB
SubZa SubZa by Michael_Okeh phpBB
Avocodo Avocodo by Program_Houze phpBB
Flower Power blue Flower Power blu by phpBB
Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon by Oum phpBB
Action Point Action Point by actionpoint phpBB
Artemis (several color schemes) Artemis (several by CyberAlien phpBB