Terms And Conditions

1. Every uploaded theme, must be authorized by it's author, themes uploaded without the permission of their's creators will be deleted and your account will be banned

2. Every theme you upload must have an accurate screenshot (minimal dimensions 640x480)

3. Every theme you upload must work and must be displayed properly

4. You can not upload themes bigger than 10MB

5. Your registration information will be kept safe and won't be distributed

6. We will inform you by e-mail, if there any changes and updates on our site or rules

7. We are authorized to add our own link to every theme you upload, without changing anything else from the theme source its self

8. You can not advertise offensive material and websites in your themes and custom links. All themes infringing these rules, will be removed without a warning!

Offensive material means: all kind of pharmaceutic products, pornography websites & related products